Harmony one verified validator

We have been recognized for our work and dedication with Harmony network for the past 1 year and will guarantee a maximum uptime and reward for your delegated ONE tokens


Worldwide team of 8

We are P-OPS ~ Pangaea Operations. A group of 8 highly qualified IT/Technology enthusiasts, located across the globe, who have tested and debugged Harmony Blockchain for over a year, and mentored numerous participants during Pangaea Phase 1/2/3. Harmony community relies on us to troubleshoot their nodes.


Maximum rewards

We are experts in all aspects of the Harmony Staking Protocol, working on testing every facet and feature, we will constantly monitor & reconfigure our validator to maximize your rewards at every epoch. When you stake with us, you automatically benefit from our dynamic validator configurations for the highest rewards


24/7 coverage and monitoring

We are striving to make sure our validator nodes are always online and signing blocks with round the clock monitoring. We have setup extensive backup and redundant systems to ensure the highest uptime

Delegate with us now

Get your ONE Tokens ready and delegate with us: one1kf42rl6yg2avkjsu34ch2jn8yjs64ycn4n9wdj

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Check what others say about us

"P-OPS are the special forces of Harmony. They execute at an absurd efficiency and speed and are my first call to get the job done."


- Li Jiang COO, Harmony

"Pangaea Ops Captains are the most dedicated, technical and diligent. They are the core of Harmony's network and community."


- Stephen Tse CEO, Harmony

"Best blockchain tech community I've seen! Without P-OPS, Harmony won't be making such progress so fast."


- Rongjian Lan CTO, Harmony

"Pangaea-Ops community is the best example of open-development for any platform! It's the most organic, aligned and technically strong community that's helped Harmony's infrastructure to be production ready. Their know-how of Harmony's validator and staking infrastructure gives me utmost confidence to delegate my ONE to them!"


- Sahil Dewan Cofounder, Harmony

"P-OPS is an expert team that’s been with Harmony from the beginning. They likely have the greatest combined knowledge of the protocol outside of the core team itself. In fact, I go to them when I have questions about running my validator!"


- Nick White Cofounder, Harmony

"I am definitely staking with these guys! This validator team has a unique place in the staking space: already a core part of Harmony protocol and passionate techy individuals spread across the globe."


- Gizem Cakil PM, Harmony

“Throughout my journey, the P-OPs team was there to help me along, and teach me what I was doing when following the walkthough. By learning the commands I was using, and what they meant, it made the experience fun and educational. Having run my first node in a blockchain network on Harmony, I am grateful for the P-OPs support and direction on this journey!”


- OgreAbroad community, Pangaea

“It's been almost 1 year since I've met "The P.Ops Team"..and It's hard to describe them in a few words... But I can say, finding people like them so devoted and fully committed to offer you all the support needed in most difficult situations, is something very rare. #BeTheOne has been achieved by P.Ops and I will always trust and recommend them as Validator!”


- C10nut community, Pangaea

“P-OPS is an absolutely brilliant team filled with hard working, tech savvy humans with a mastery in Harmony staking and validating. I stand by my statement “They are the best in the industry”, unparalleled. Thank you for all that you do for Harmony and the community. You embody what Harmony stands for. If you want excellence stake here!”


- BigCryptoKing validator, Harmony

A few things to note

1) P-OPS Team Validator $ONE address is one1kf42rl6yg2avkjsu34ch2jn8yjs64ycn4n9wdj

2) Do not send your $ONE Tokens to anyone. Remember: When you delegate tokens, you have the right to undelegate and receive it back. When you send your tokens to someone, its gone forever.

3) Do not share your private keys or mnemonics with anyone.

4) P-OPS Team will never ask for your credentials.

5) Delegating / UnDelegating / Claiming Rewards must be carried by you. Do not hand over your keys to others.

6) Our social accounts are as provided on this website. Do not entertain any other

7) P-OPS Team Validator is operated by Pangaea Operations Team and comes highly vetted by the Harmony Blockchain Team for our extensive Community support work over a year. We are in this for the long run.